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What's New?

Refreshing the website during 2023

  • Eliminanted bad links and fixed broken links.

  • Home Page link for online signup for Net Control Operator.

  • Zonehaven renamed to Genasis Protect.

  • Improved the wording that search engines use to describe public pages.

  • Hidden/member only pages are blocked from search engines.

  • Users can opt-out of non-essential cookies.  (Currently none like that).

  • Page titles now have a consistent style.

  • Text links are now blue/underlined.

  • Consistent use of scrollable calendar entries.

  • Contesting calendar page added.

  • Most images now show text description when hovered over.

  • Wrote comprehensive webmaster Google Docs documenation.

  • Designed NCO and Public Service calendars with links to signup.

  • Widened the text area of the Contact ORCA page.

Information about the Tuesday and Wednesdays net

  • Two new pages have been added to the Nets drop-down:  Tuesday Noon Nets and First Wednesday Siren Net

  • Zonehaven map added to Thurday Net page

A new year, a new look

  • The ORCA website has been given a makeover. All the same information is still available. 

  • The new colors should make the text more readable.

QSL Cards, New Bio, W6OAK's Go Kit, Community Preparedness Plan

  • Check out the new QSL Card gallery under the Club menu.

  • Bios and Go Kit slides are under the Members menu.

  • The community preparedness plan was added to the ARES/RACES Documents page.

MHRS Field Trip, VOIP Nodes, FS Map

  • The EchoIRLP system is now called VOIP Nodes.

  • New hardware and firmware allows simultaneous connections to IRLP, Echolink and AllStar Link.

  • Photos to the Marin Historical Radio Society site visit are now online.

  • Fire Station Map (members only) is more accessible.

New way to download newsletters and other documents

  • A single click will automatically download the latest newsletter for viewing on your computer or mobile device.

  • All pages that contain downloadable documents will have this format

  • Members only get to see the steps required to program the newer Fire Station radios for APRS

The RACES Operations presentation and Home Page has been updated

  • The Civil Defense RACES Operatrions presentation is now in Past Presentations page and in the ARES/RACES Documents page.

  • The Home page has a photo of the swearing-in ceremony for new RACES badges.

  • New member photo and website access added.

  • Improved the wording on the Member Login Help page.

Past Presentations and Board Meeting pages updated

  • The February slides for National Parks On The Air and Summits On The Air are now posted.

  • Board meeting documents are reorganized for easier access.

Fire Station Frequency List updated (members only)

  • The programming list for the amateur radios installed in fire stations has been updated. This list is only viewable by logged-in members.

  • New member photos have been added (members only as well), and select photos from this year's Field Day and a field trip are available for anyone to view. There's a New Photos link on the home page for recent photos.

  • The membership application form is also available as a link from the home page.

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