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Net Control Logsheets

Weekly Net Control Logsheets are available on this website at this time. The Weekly Net Control Logsheet is suitable for use during our weekly nets on Thursdays at 19:30. The Support Net Control Logsheet is suitable for collecting useful information when running a resource net during an emergency. This form was designed by Jim K6JAT. At the moment, the Support Net Control Logsheet is unavailable.


Weekly Net Logsheet emailing instructions:Net control operators can download either the .pdf, the .xls or the .numbers file for mac and iPad. (Note: for printing, they are all in landscape mode.) Unless instructed otherwise, please email net manager a list of repeater and simplex checkins immediately after the conclusion of the net.


Support Net Logsheet printing instructions: The Support Net Control Logsheet cannot be filled in online. It should be printed in landscape mode. Go into your browser's Page Setup menu and select the horizontal page printing mode. You may need to change your font sizes or page reduction to make it fit with different browsers and operating systems.

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