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License Study Resources

Scroll to the bottom for information about remote VE Test Sessions.

First-time exam applicants must obtain an FCC Registration number before taking the exam.

You must be licensed by the FCC before transmitting on amateur radio frequencies. If you can't find a class, you can prepare for the test online and with books.


The question pool and correct answers are publicly available. You can take practice tests online. You'd be surprised at how many questions you can answer correctly merely by eliminating the obviously wrong choices. Then just study the areas you are weakest on. Go back and take another test and repeat till you feel ready to find a testing session and take the test.


Here are some useful links:


The Technician question pool (correct answer in parentheses) Valid between 2022-2026


All the question pools via ARRL website


Online Practice Test from QRZ (2018 pool) demonstrated at a recent ORCA meeting - login required


Online Practice Test from AA9PW

Online Practice Test from eham


ARRL Books

Gordon West Books

Study Guides


Online classes


And when you are ready, here's how to find a test session:

Test session lookup

VE Test Sessions on Zoom!

Resourceful Volunteer Examiners are finding ways to administer FCC license tests remotely. The link below lists paid test sessions that are conducted over zoom sessions.

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