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MRHS Field Trip

March, 2018

Maritime Radio Historical Society

Organized by Judi KK6ZCU

Photos By Chris KJ6WEG

and Mike KB6MP

October, 2017

ORCA at EB Mini Maker Faire

Organized by Chris KJ6WEG

Photos by Judi KK6ZCU and Mike AD6CQ

June, 2017

Field Day 2017
ORCA Member Visits NYC

August 2017

by Mike AD6CQ aka DJ Loot

Emergency Comms Meeting

November, 2016 Hilltop Community

taught by Peter KK6KZG

March 20, 2016 Snow Park, Oakland

Oakland Running Festival 2016

photos by Joe Davis

June, 2015 Sequoia Arena, Skyline Blvd, Oakland

Field Day 2015

May, 2015 Oakland Hills

Field Trip to Huckleberry Preserve
Members erect several antennas to get on the air as quickly as possible.

Chris erects a buddipole on his car and demonstrates to Joe and Carole how the buddipole is tuned . He gets on the air with Jim in minutes. Meanwhile, a team of volunteers help Tom erect a pair of masts for a second antenna. Chris puts together a third one, a telescoping dipole antenna. Instant antenna farm.

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