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First Wednesday Siren Net 

Tuesdays 12:00 local time, 146.88 Mhz, minus offset, PL tone of 77.0 hz.


On the first Wednesday of each month at noon, the City of Oakland runs a test of its emergency sirens. These sirens are distributed around the city to maximize coverage. Please consult the Genasys Protect map (formerly ZoneHaven) for your evacuation zone.


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ORCA operates a net at the same time as these tests to collect reports of sirens heard for each evacuation zone where operators are present. There are reports are passed along to the Oakland EMSD to assist in identifying issues and measuring the overall health of the system. Please join us on the first Wednesday of the month at 12pm on the ORCA 2m repeater. All operators with a current amateur radio license are encouraged to participate.

Use of the WB6NDJ repeater is courtesy of the Oakland Radio Communications Association (ORCA). The WB6NDJ repeater is an open repeater: no dues are required for normal Amateur Radio use. However, you must be a member to make use of special features.

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