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Oakland ARES/RACES Weekly Net 

Thursdays 19:30 local time, 146.88 Mhz, minus offset, PL tone of 77.0 hz.


Simplex net follows on 147.585 or the alternate simplex frequency 146.565.


All licensed amateur radio operators are invited to check in to the weekly on-the-air meeting. As part of our ongoing training we encourage and mentor first time net control operators.



Use of the WB6NDJ repeater is courtesy of the Oakland Radio Communications Association (ORCA). The WB6NDJ repeater is an open repeater: no dues are required for normal Amateur Radio use. However, you must be a member to make use of special features such as the telephone patch, when enabled.


It is recommended that you download the ARES Field Resources Manual and/or the Alameda County Instant Trainer well in advance of an emergency. Then either print it or save it to disk so it will be quickly available in times of emergency.

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