Andy Record KF6TJR

Andy Record, KF6TJR, loves cats and radios.

Sept 2019​

Andy Record, KF6TJR, has been a ham for over 20 years now. In his
professional career he 19 years of experience as a Telecommunications
Consulting Engineer, where he would work with architects and their
clients to developed construction blueprints and specifications for the
copper, fiber, WiFi, AV for large construction projects and data
centers.  Two years ago he joined Silke Communications, a Land Mobile
Radio (LMR) company as Senior Project Manager and leads their Large
Project Division.  

Andy is finishing up a large digital trunked radio project for a private
company in the central valley.  With three main sites, 25 digital NXDN
repeaters, IP backhaul and 2,500 radios it is a large complicated
project that included renting a crane at the last minute to lift the
final and largest repeater system to the roof of a 130 foot tall building.


Andy's daughter Amelia, KK6VYZ, received her Technician ticket at age10, and Tiffany Andy's wife, has been licensed as KG6TJR for over adecade.  When Andy is working from home, you can find him on theMartinez ARC's repeater, and when he is out of the home office you cantrack his progress on as KF6TJR-9.  When on HF, he is sometimesa couple kHz high, due to his cat /Automat/ headbutting his tuning handwhen Andy stops petting him.

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