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April 27, 2019 Drill

Time: 10:00-12:00


Where: Any Fire House in Oakland (outside)


What’s the Deal?


Several members today asked about the City Wide Exercise. There will be no “Exercise” this year due to the lack of available resources.  As involved citizens, who happen to be members of ORCA, will practice one of our requirements for being part of a RACES group.


That is the ability to communicate to “Net Control” from outside a firehouse in an emergency. Using either a mobile or handheld uhf-vhf radio, establish a net using both repeaters and simplex frequencies. Just like on Thursday evenings.


Here is the plan:


Saturday morning around the hours of 10:00 to 12:00 drive to a local firehouse near you and park.  When the “Net” opens, NC will ask for check-ins on the repeater. Once completed with the repeater portion, a simplex net will be established, I expect a lot of relays will be needed.


In a real emergency, a “Net” can be established anywhere initially. So Joe Dahl K6NGN will act as NC from outside Station 6. He will have a script similar to what you hear on Thursday evening.  So, let’s see how many fire station locations we can get on the air.


I expect this “Net” to be finished by 11:00 at which point we will return the repeater to its normal operation.


Always Details:


Email me via the ORCA Google Forum, your firehouse preference, I may ask you to go to an alternate location if for an example; five of you end up in one place. It would be nice to spread it around just to determine how effective we would be in a real situation. Good Luck.


73’s Gary

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