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Next ORCA Event:
No July Meeting
Next Meeting: August 3
at Oakland Fire Station 1
Topic: TBA
Map for Fire Station 1
Membership Information


per year

ORCA dues include extended repeater privileges for licensed members. Send the membership form with a check payable to ORCA to ORCA, P.O. Box 21305, Oakland, CA 94620-1305.

The NewsLetter is distributed by our posting it to this website, followed by a Google Group email notice. Newsletters will be mailed only to paid members who specifically request that.

Upcoming Events
Welcome, New Members!

Evan Roberts KN6ZYI, David Conrod KG6ELU,

August Zajonc KN6YDB + 1,

Paul Giuliano KO6CZI, Rick Davis KO6DZB,

Hunter Guidess, Christine Bonilha,

Rosemary McNatt KO6EPG,

Riley Lockett, Jeffrey Skerker KM6LFY,

Oronde Gordon & Ralph Anthenian K6RAA.

Weekly Net

Thursdays 19:30 local time on:

146.88 Mhz, minus offset, PL tone of 77.0 Hz and 442.40 Mhz, plus offset, PL tone of 77.0 Hz.

Repeater portion can be accessed remotely via the linked VoIP Nodes.


Simplex net follows on 147.585 or the alternate simplex frequency 146.565.

Net Control Operators

Net Control Manager is Tyler Conant-Martin KM6IHB

Newsletter Editor

Send newsletter articles to Tom Tazelaar KG6MAC.


This website was designed by Mike Pompa KB6MP with contributions from Peter Strauss KO6R, Bob Firehock KE6IUE, David Otey WB6NER, Tom Tazelaar KG6MAC and Chris Adams KJ6WEG.

Please contact us from the Contact Us page.

ORCA is an ARRL Affiliated club. 

ARRL Chart of US Amateur Radio Bands

ARRL national amateur radio organization

ORCA - Oakland Radio Communications Association - a Ham Radio Club based in Oakland, CA - Amateur Radio

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